V-Rail Rack Ears

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Erthenvar V-Rail Rack Ears turn V-Rails or Vector T-Struts into Eurorack and/or Tile rack frames.

Pre-built frames using these Rack Ears are available under the Cases section as Erthenrax. In order to accommodate custom projects, we have made the Rack Ears available on their own.

V-Rail Rack Ears are designed to have two M2.5 square nuts and 7mm screws at each point a rail is attached to the Rack Ear.


  • 14 gauge carbon steel construction
  • all-sides painted black, final finish on front face
  • Elongated holes for flexible rack and rail mounting
  • For fully compliant 19" rack, use with 450mm rail length
  • Includes black M2.5 hardware for rail to Rack Ear mounting (8x per U)