To Go Box

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To Go Box 54hp case for Eurorack and 1U Tile format modules.

Our Magic Bus hybrid switching/linear 1000mA/1000mA powered bus board has found it's way into the Harbor Freight Aluminum Case, giving us the To Go Box! This small case houses two modular formats, Eurorack 3U modules, and 1U Tiles which add a healthy dose of utility modules to this super-small system.


  • Houses 54 hp of Eurorack modules
  • Houses 54 hp (9x "single-width" 6-hp Tiles)
  • Maximum Eurorack module depth: 67mm (2.64")
  • 10x Eurorack 16-pin shrouded headers (-12V toward front of case)
  • 16x Tile 3-pin power connectors
    • 8x on 15cm Tile Splitters
    • 8x on 30cm Tile Splitters
  • Battery friendly 9-18 VDC input
  • Uses 5.5 x 2.1mm center positive barrel jack
  • Robust 1000 mA per +/-12 V rails
  • +5 V rail not powered (see our Freelunch +5V solution)
  • 12V-3.3A line lump DC supply included (110-240V input, but USA plug)
  • DC supply uses "figure 8" or IEC C7 cable for input power
  • Replacement supplies avilable on Related Products tab
  • 25x M2.5 Square Rail Nuts for mounting per rail
  • 100x M2.5 Stainless Steel Phillips - 6mm screws included
  • Rear-panel mounted DC barrel jack point to point wired to bus board
  • Heavy duty rubberized feet for staying put
  • Lid is NOT removable (we've tried)

Recommended Battery

  • Talentcell, this battery has a very high current limit which helps with inrush current into the Magic Bus during start up. Many batteries have a limit of 1.5 A - 2 A which will not work with higher loads on the Magic Bus