Magician's Assistant

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Magician's Assistant is a passive bus board for Eurorack and Tile systems, designed as an distribution expander for the powered Magic Bus.

The Magician's Assistant includes Tile power connectors which can be removed if they are not required.

There are 20x 16-pin shrouded Eurorack connectors, and 16x 3-pin polarized Tile Power connectors.

All of the bus board wires are available on screw terminals for distribution: CV, Gate, +5 V, +12 V, GND, and -12 V. A typical application will have +/-12V and GND running into the screw terminals.

The bus board measures 200 x 50 mm (7.9" x 2") and has 6x mounting holes for M2.5 or #4-40 hardware.

There are 4x 15 cm Tile Splitters mounted on the front of the bus board which power 8x Tiles, and 4x 30 cm Tile Splitter mounted on the rear of the bus board to power another 8x Tiles. The longer 30 cm cables help power a fairly wide row of Tiles.


  • 20x Eurorack 16-pin shrouded headers
  • 16x Tile 3-pin power connectors
    • 8x on 15cm Tile Splitters
    • 8x on 30cm Tile Splitters


  • 200 x 50 mm (7.9" x 2")
  • 6x mounting screws for #4-40 or M2.5
  • Power connection: 3-pin polarized Tile Power
  • Power connection: 16-pin shrouded Eurorack
  • Power +12 V: 0 mA (passive)
  • Power -12 V: 0 mA (passive)
  • Power +5 V: 0 mA (see Freelunch accessory)