M2.5 Super Sevens

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You know when something should be really simple, but feels unnecessarily complicated? That's how M2.5 hardware felt to us, so we decided to do some custom designed screws. Introducing Erthenvar M2.5 Super Sevens!

What really makes these screws special is their length: 7mm to be exact. One length to rule them all, no more long explanations for do I need 6mm or 8mm screws?

Thin 1.6mm panels without washers? Check. Thick 3mm acrylic panels? Sure! Thick 3mm panels with washers? You've got it! These things cannot be done with 6mm or 8mm screws.

These 7mm button head screws are available in two great finishes: stainless steel and black zinc. They will need a high quality hex key: have a look at our 1.5mm Hex Driver, or head to your local hardware store or Amazon!

The black zinc finish is also special: it is much more resistant to rusting than black oxide. Hurray, no more corrosion!

The picture with 3 screws is a profile comparison of our 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm screws.


  • Sold in bags of 100 screws
  • Dimensions: 7mm length, 4.4mm head diameter, 1.25mm head height
  • Drive: 1.5mm hex (see our 1.5mm Hex Driver)
  • Variants
    • Stainless Steel - corrosion resistant
    • Black Zinc - corrosion resistant
  • For best results, use with M2.5 Sliders and 1.5mm Hex Driver
  • Hand tighten only, do NOT over-torque