M2.5 Sliders

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M2.5 Sliders sliding square rail nuts

M2.5 Sliders are nuts designed to fit V-Rail and Vector T-Strut channels for mounting Eurorack and Tile modules. They are 5mm squared, and are 1.5 mm thick.

We've tried thicker and thinner, but the current 1.5 mm thickness allows for easier movement of modules once screwed into the rack, but loosened for rearranging.


It's generally recommended to use too many nuts rather than too few (see Step 7 below). Keep in mind most Tiles have four holes in 6 hp, so you may need more nuts than you'd expect.

For Eurorack, a good number of nuts to use would be N/3 to N/2 where N is the length of the rail in hp. For 84 hp, 84/3 = 28 and 84/2 = 42, so somewhere between 28 and 42 nuts per rail, requiring 56 to 84 nuts for the Euro frame (two rails).

For Tiles, you can get closer to an exact count since most Tiles are in 6 hp increments and have four holes. For a 60 hp Tile section, you can fit ten Tiles at 6 hp. Each Tile has two holes per rail, so 10 x 2 = 20 nuts per 60 hp rail, or 40 nuts for the Tile frame (two rails).

  1. Place your aluminum rail on a flat surface
  2. Load one nut in and screw it down, this will keep the nuts from spilling
  3. Load additional nuts from the other end, remember to count the nut loaded in step 2
  4. After loading the final nut, screw it down to avoid spilling
  5. When loading multiple rails, count once and visually compare additional rails
  6. When installing modules, start from the left side and move to the right
  7. Strategically leave spare nuts under modules (eg. 1x under 6 hp, 2x under 10 hp)


  • Quantity - 100 pieces
  • Height - 5.0 mm (max)
  • Width - 5.0 mm (max)
  • Depth - 1.5 mm (max)
  • Tap - M2.5 x 0.45
  • Recommended Screw - M2.5 Super Sevens (7 mm, 6-8 mm will work)
  • Material - carbon steel, zinc plate
  • Drill - countersunk
  • Corners - chamfered
  • Production status - current
  • Contact us for thicker M2.5 Rail Mate parts