Chords Cables

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Provides the interconnect between the Patch Chord and the Chords expanders.

Ordering Instructions

Please select the total number of Chords you need to support. Cables are sold in a pair, so just order one.

  • If you buy four Chords today, select 4
  • If you already own one Chords and are buying a second, select 2
  • If you buy one Chords today and want to buy two more later, select 3

Installation Instructions

The Patch Chord / Chords / Chords Cables use a keyed 14-pin connector. In the unlikely event that the cables are not installed correctly, no damage to the modules is expected. These instructions skip the standard 16-pin power steps.

  1. The Patch Chord expander ports are on the upper left side of the module, sandwiched between the boards
  2. The Chords units must be installed to the left of the Patch Chord
  3. The connector above the LED (toward the top of the module) will be referred to as the top port
  4. The connector parallel to the LED (toward the middle of the module) will be referred to as the bottom port
  5. Locate the cable labeled Top
  6. Insert the connector to the right of the PC → writing on the cable into the Patch Chord top port
  7. Locate the cable labeled Bot
  8. Insert the connector to the right of the PC → writing on the cable into the Patch Chord bottom port
  9. Place the Chords next to the Patch Chord in the rack
  10. Connectors on the Top and Bot cables will line up with appropriate ports on the Chords module(s)
  11. Insert the remaining connectors on the Top and Bot cable into the Chords module(s)
  12. Jam some Chords with your Patch Chord