3.5mm Washers

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These washers are built to our specifications for use with M6 bushing 3.5mm jacks (this includes all of our metal bushing jacks: Vertical, Inline, and Right Angle).

The washers have a few applications: dressing the 3.5mm jack, protecting the panel from scratching while installing nuts, raising the nut to be closer to flush with the bushing, and have also been reported tightening the grip of the nut (additional surface area on the panel?).

Originally we stocked one size, now known as Mr Washer. The 10mm diameter of Mr Washer looks nice with 3.5mm Hex Nuts, but was a little big on 3.5mm Knurled Nut.

We now have a second size called Washer Jr with a smaller 8.5mm diameter, intended for use with 3.5mm Knurled Nuts. It is also slightly thinner, which may be useful for use with thicker panels.

In the photo of the black panel:

  • Upper left: Knurled Nut + Mr Washer
  • Lower left: Knurled Nut + Washer Jr
  • Upper right: Hex Nut + Mr Washer
  • Lower right: Hex Nut + Washer Jr


  • Sold in bags of 50 washers
  • Material: nickel plated iron
  • Variants:
    • Mr Washer: 10mm OD, 6.25mm ID, 0.8mm thickness
      • Original part, better for use with hex nuts
    • Washer Jr: 8.5mm OD, 6.25mm ID, 0.5mm thickness
      • New part (2016.06), better for use with knurled nuts