3.5mm Knurled Nuts

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50 Knurled Nuts for 3.5mm Jacks.

Update 2013.11.01: Jacks and nuts are now sold in bags of 50 instead of 100.

Update 2013.07.26: We have switched to a 3rd generation knurled nut which improve the notch consistancy of the nut. Stock of the 2nd generation (and remaining 1st generation) will be available to finish existing runs, but we recommend switching to 3rd generation when possible.

Update 2012.12.04: We are now offer a newer high quality knurled nut.

  • Main photo with a handful of nuts are generation 3 (current)
  • Photo of 2 nuts is generation 2 (left) and generation 3 (right). The are similar but not identical
  • Photo of 4 nuts is generation 2 (left) and generation 1 (right)


Improved Jacks now shipping!

Specifications (generation 1)

Outer Diameter                                      7.95mm (0.320")
Inner Diameter 5.60mm (0.220")
1.90mm (0.075")