M2.5 Black Hex

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M2.5 button head screws with black oxide finish add a nice touch to your modular setup. These screws have a 1.5mm hex drive, we offer a 1.5mm Hex Driver compatible with these screws, and the M2.5mm Stainless Steel Hex screws.

We recommend taking a look at our new M2.5 Super Seven line of screws!


  • Sold in bags of 100 screws
  • Black oxide finish (not resistant to rusting)
  • Drive: 1.5mm hex (see 1.5mm Hex Driver)
  • Variants
    • Standard 6mm length, may or may not work with washers or thicker panels
    • Long 8mm length, must use washers or thicker panels ( >2mm)
  • Hand tighten only, do NOT over-torque