3.5mm Stereo Jacks

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50 vertical mount 3.5mm stereo switched jacks for use in DIY projects or module manufacturing.

Update 2013.11.01: Jacks and nuts are now sold in bags of 50 instead of 100.

Note: In contrast to our other jacks, these jacks come with a smooth nut!

These jacks became popular when other vertical mount jacks had problems with the normal/switch functionality, and as such have a reputation as a premium veritical mount jack. Since then, the switched function has been resolved, but the Vertical Plastic Jack lives on as a nice stereo alternative, with fresh look from the plastic bushing and smooth nut.

  • Smooth nuts included (not available seperately)
  • TRS stereo jack
  • Switched tip only (ring is not switched)
  • NOT compatible with M6 x 0.5 nut products
  • NOT compatible with other Erthenvar jack drill sizes
  • Jack thread is M8 x 0.75
  • Threaded outer diameter 7.75mm (0.305")
  • Threaded length (deck height) 4.5mm (0.177")
  • Nut outer diameter 10.0mm (0.394")
  • Nut thickness 2.0mm (0.079")
  • Looking at the pins of the jack with the beveled corners facing up:
  • Pin 5 (between beveled corners) is sleeve (ground)
  • Pin 2 (clockwise/right of pin 5) is ring (typically right, in stereo)
  • Pin 3 (clockwise of pin 2, opposite of pin 5) is tip (signal, typically left in stereo)
  • Pin 4 (clockwise of pin 3, opposite of pin 2) is normally closed switch to tip (normal)
  • Pin 1 (none) We did not designate the pinout of this jack
  • Cross reference with: LJE0352-4R