3.5mm Right Angle Jacks

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50 horizontal mount 3.5mm mono switched jacks for use in DIY projects or module manufacturing.

Update 2013.11.01: Jacks and nuts are now sold in bags of 50 instead of 100.

Note: Nuts are not included with the jacks. Please choose between hex and knurled nuts on the Related Products tab!

This panel mount jack is useful when designing product which need a large PCB mounted perpendicular to the front panel. This allows very narrow front panels at the expense of module depth.

  • 3.5mm mono switched tip jack
  • Nuts not included
  • Thread of the jacks is M6 x 0.5, compatible with nuts on Related Products tab
  • Threaded diameter measures around 5.9mm (0.232")
  • Front Panel Express drill holes of 6.1mm (0.240") have a nice fit
  • Erthenvar module panels use a 0.244" punch, which also have a nice fit
  • Pin 1 (nearest to the bushing) is sleeve (ground)
  • Pin 2 (opposite pin 1, near back) is tip (signal)
  • Pin 3 (side) is a normally closed to tip switch (normal)
  • Cross reference: PJ-301M, MJ-3536