9mm Vertical Panel Trimmer

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9mm Vertical Mount, single element, single shaft trimmer potentiometers.

These pots can be used to build modules with the PCB mounted parallel to the front panel, along with our Vertical, Inline, or Stereo jacks.

Unlike the 9mm Smooth Vertical Pot, the 9mm Vertical Panel Trimmer does not have a threaded bushing, so it cannot hold your PCB to the front panel.

These trimmers do not require a knob, they have a fine-tooth knurled shaft with a painted white indicator line. They are a great way to add fine control to a circuit without taking up too much panel real estate.


  • Sold in single pieces
  • Single shaft, single element
  • Vertical mount
  • Knobless, fine-tooth plastic shaft
  • White painted indicator line
  • PC pins for PCB mounting
  • Pins have 0.1" pitch for easy breadboarding (pot pins only)


  • Shaft Length: 20mm (0.79")
  • Knurled shaft length: 7mm (0.28")
  • Shaft diameter 6mm (0.24")